Page 4 - Volunteer Induction Program
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 The role of volunteers
Volunteers, especially parents and extended family members, are always welcome in our school communities.
The Queensland Bishops Project: ‘Catholic Schools for the 21st Century’ summarised the following:
• “Recognition will be given to the primary role of parents in the education of their children and the partnership between parents and staff will be characterised by mutual trust and respect. Care will be taken to ensure that all, particularly those who do not fit the traditional model of family, are valued and included.”
• “Parents and community members will be actively involved in the school and will be an integral part of the educational process. Community experiences will be positioned in to the curriculum to better integrate school and life experiences.”
• “Parents will continue to be a valuable resource to the school by being actively involved in the students’ learning and the school’s activities and by providing time, expertise and experience to the school community. The physical design of the school will create spaces which will accommodate parent and community activities.”

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