Page 33 - Volunteer Induction Program
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 Boundary Violations
All staff and volunteers are required to maintain professional boundaries when working with students. It is also an expectation that any staff or volunteers who observe inappropriate adult behaviour towards a student/s, report it immediately to the Principal.
This may include, but is not limited to, observing:
Physical Boundary Violation
• using physical force to ensure a student cooperates
• holding or restraining a student (unless in imminent danger of harm)
• using an object (ruler, book, whiteboard marker) to manage a student
• refusing biological necessities Emotional Boundary Violation
Making inappropriate comments about a student and/or a student’s family by:
• shaming, embarrassing, humiliating, or belittling
• using sarcasm
• making derogatory remarks
• unprofessional criticism
Behavioural Boundary Violation
Having inappropriate interactions with a student through:
• inappropriate use of social media in relation to a student
• phone calls, emails, texts or messages to the student’s personal email or phone/device
• sharing secrets with a student / disclosing inappropriate personal information to a student

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